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​​Navigate Independence!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The mission of FourPoints is to inspire and empower individuals with disabilities to navigate life independently.  

FourPoints believes that all individuals with disabilities can learn to navigate their independence given the right interventions. ​Services are designed to help clients and their families understand, imagine, and create solutions that give meaning and value. FourPoints targets individual needs and interventions in education, career, community, and recreation access. Each area of intervention targets clients' personal goals.


FourPoints provides services to help with understanding and navigating interventions; Response to Intervention (RtI), 504 plans, and Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Additional support services include executive functioning training, social and emotional development, specific learning disability, post-secondary transition, and academic supports to navigate independence.


Due to changing environments and individual needs, FourPoints supports and enriches clients to establish required skills for meaningful employment. The primary focus is to target personal interests, skills, work ethics, and skills sets required to obtain employment. Extensive services include career interest inventories, developing a cover letter, resume and references, and job searching and coaching.


Community access can be overwhelming at best. With FourPoints supports, clients will learn to safely navigate their community. The primary focus is public transportation mobility training, accessing community resources, safety skills development, and to gain an understanding of community resources.


Recreation is therapy. FourPoints approach to supporting each individual begins with a recreation and leisure assessment survey.  Based upon the outcome of the survey, recreation and leisure goals are established to provide access and support. FourPoints will provide each individual with local, state, and nationwide recreation/adaptive recreation opportunities and connections.   


Together we identify need, training, and applications to navigate independence. 


​FourPoints Learning Specialist and Disability Consulting uses surveys, interviews,

and observations to conduct a comprehensive individualized navigation plan. ​

Shelly Fowler M.Ed., NBCT, CTRS

Disability Consultant and Learning Specialist

Once we have buy-in, we implement individualized goals from start to finish. 


FourPoints Education and Disability Consulting monitors’ performance indicators at 4-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed. Personal goals are consistently monitored to support individual need. 

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